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Your customers want you onboard as they can’t make it to the top on their own. So, whatever you do for your customers’ SEO, your ultimate goal is to make their websites rank high. And to make sure you’re on the right track, you need a reliable ranking tracking tool.

SE Ranking’s tracker is equally accurate and powerful. It checks rankings in all major search engines for any target location and even tracks Google maps and Google ads results along with featured snippets.

Learn Who You Need to Outrank

Keeping your enemies closer rule applies to SEO as well. To get quick insights into the customer’s niche, agencies use SE Ranking’s Competitive Research tool.

Paste your customer’s website, and in a few minutes, you’ll know its major SEO rivals, will learn how they rank in organic search and estimate their paid traffic expenses. You can also use the tool to easily find some missed keyword opportunities.

Build Up Customers’ Trust with Reporting Easy as ABC

All the Power Under Your Chosen Cover

Give SE Ranking a new look with the White Label feature. Use your logo, your domain and set the color scheme. This way, whenever your customers access the platform, they’ll see a sibling of your agency’s website. And whenever they get a report, it will be branded and coming from your corporate email.

Get Things Under Control

With several people working on the same project, things sometimes get messed up. This is when page changes monitoring comes in handy. Since SEO executives started to use the tool, they sleep well knowing no content manager or web developer will jeopardize the page’s growth.

Scan your customer’s website to find critical mistakes that won’t let the project succeed

Check the websites’ backlink profile and keep track of the backlinks you’ve built

Automatically group keywords to properly distribute them across a website

Create as many sub-accounts as you need as your business grows

Deliver all the data you need to the interface of your in-house app via API

Turn users into hot leads by inviting them to run a free SEO check of their website

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Without a doubt an essential tool for our day to day work

As an International SEO Agency servicing clients in different countries and of course, different languages, SE Ranking is helping us with our clients International SEO strategies like keyword research, rank tracking and monitoring competitors across different countries.

Felipe Bazon
Switched from Semrush to SE Ranking

Love the client portal access with white label. Professional looking reports immediately. I’m still learning it, as we switched from SEMRush. I like the multiple users ability, white label ability, and being able to provide clients with their own portal to view their reports. I suspect that I will like it even more once I become more confident with it. I think that if reporting was available on demand from the project itself would be very nice.

James R W
Bang for the buck SEO tools

SE Ranking is a great SEO tool and really a bang for the buck SEO tool. As an agency, we use SE Ranking for all of our clients. The biggest advantage is that we can add all of our clients to their own projects, which is not possible (or really costly) within Ahrefs and Semrush. SE Ranking does a daily update of your keyword positions and has the possibility to track the visibility of a project. Also, I really like it that you can create a project and then add up to 5 different search engines (for example regions) to track within that project.
The SEO research tool is also really great. It gives a lot of useful information and great insights. We often use the data for good performing pages of competitors and we use exports of the data for keyword research.

Jarik O
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