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Find and fix the website issues to skyrocket your rankings

Why businesses choose us

Expert-level features, made for everyone (even beginners!)

All crucial metrics in one simple dashboard

Find the important parameters visualized on performance graphs

Top-rated by SMBs

Full issue descriptions and a how-to-fix guide

Study detailed reports for every problem, with easy-to-follow quick fixes

Powerful page crawler

Crawl up to 1000 pages in just 2 minutes and filter results by category

Top-rated by agencies

Measurable progress

Compare audit results, and share reports with clients and colleagues

Custom settings

Adjust settings to fit your needs, report parameters, choose the issues to monitor

XML sitemap generator

Let Google know which of your pages are worth crawling and indexing

Give your site a quick health checkup

Pages Crawled

Pages Crawled:

The number of website pages audited

URLs Found

URLs Found:

The number of individual web addresses found on your website

Top Issues

Top Issues:

The top-5 detected issues based on their level of significance and prevalence

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals:

Check your site’s Core Web Vital scores and enhance the user experience

Problems by Category

Problems by Category:

A simple chart showing errors from various categories and how often they occur

Health Score

Health Score:

Assess your website's SEO health

Track the domain’s search authority and help it rank higher

Domain validity and expiration dates
Total number of backlinks
Domain Trust and Alexa Rank
Number of pages indexed by search engines
Track the domain’s search authority and help it rank higher

All critical technical metrics, one clear dashboard

Total number of pages not indexed by search engines
HTTP status code
Page depth and server response timesPage depth and server response times
Redirects and detached pagesRedirects and detached pages
Link attributes distribution
Meta robots tag

Dozens of new tools that matter

A full breakdown and solution for every major website issue


Understand HTTP and HTTPS issues to keep your site safe and secure.


Fast websites rank better and attract more users. Learn how to bring your site up to speed.


The best sites are user-friendly. Find out how to make your website work better and improve your user experience.


Help users find the right language versions of your page. Find and fix hreflang and HTML lang mistakes.


Give your site the best chance of ranking high by making it easier for crawlers to scan and index your site.

HTTP status code

Make sure all your important pages return the correct status code for a better user experience and search engine ranking.

Duplicate content

Tell search engines which URL to list higher in the search results by resolving duplicate content issues.


Send users to the right page and maximize link value, even when your website changes.

Internal/External Links

Link out to the right pages to grow your authority, rank up, and drive traffic.


Push the right message with quality content that boosts your SEO efforts.


Set the tone with better <title> tags that help users and search engines to find the right content


Great meta descriptions can generate click-throughs from search engines.


Grab users' attention with optimized images that look good and load fast


Make a dynamic and interactive experience with JavaScript that doesn’t slow your site down


Bloated CSS can make browsers struggle to load a page. Keep it tidy and attractive with optimized CSS that won’t bring your site to a halt.

All the major metrics for every single page, link, or resource

Analyze every single website page in detail or filter them using custom parameters

All the major metrics for every single page, link, or resource

With detailed tooltips, even beginners can easily manage their websites

Get notified if your files are not optimized

Get notified if your files are not optimized
Optimize heavy images and find the missing alt text to improve your site’s performance
Optimize the code of large CSS files, remove unnecessary lines, store cached copies of your files, and more
Create dynamic and interactive websites by fixing all errors in JavaScript files

Compare your audits to measure your progress over time

Check the effectiveness of the changes
Build website audit reports to share your progress
Compare your audits to measure your progress over time

Your audit, your rules

Define SEO audit periods

Choose when to audit your site and how to do it: start the audit manually or set up automatic checks

Get reports directly to your inbox

Say goodbye to time-consuming SEO audits with reports sent straight to your inbox

Check specific pages

Limit an audit or expand it to your whole website. Our reports are laser-focused either way

Set web audit limits

Manage parser settings and decide the scope of your audit with full control over the entire process

Choose parameters to check

Worried about page load speed but already sorted your title and meta tags? Choose the audit categories that reflect your needs

Create custom rules

Your site. Your Choice. Create custom rules that generate the insights you need, and start supercharging your SEO strategy

Perform a website audit easily with SE Ranking

Simple audit checklist:


Choose a website you want to audit and hit the "Analyze" button


Go make yourself a coffee or tea—we will crawl your website and deliver a comprehensive report before you even finish


Fix any website with SE Ranking

SE Ranking checks as many pages as you need. It’s an affordable way to audit websites from the largest eCommerce giant to the smallest blog




Branded report

White Label





Branded report

White Label





Branded report

White Label


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Good even for newbies

The new website audit tool is designed so you can quickly identify what needs to be fixed on your page visually. What I like the most is that even if you don’t have previous SEO experience, it is detailed what you need to do to fix the existing issues.

Sergio Sigler
Sergio Sigler, The Niche Guru
Great experience - website audit tool is very helpful

The website audit tool is very easy to use – can set them to run in the background and you get a notification when ready. Weekly reports etc have been great help too – along with backlink checker and keywords.

Agency in Market Research
Perfect for starters or beginners

I really love the Website Audit. There is a description about what the issue is all about and tips on how to fix it. I also love the marketing campaign where there is a SEO checklist for your project – perfect for beginners.

Kath Licayan
Easy to use, very powerful, with great support

Ease of use and professional-looking results. The website audit tool is incredibly fast and produces easy-to-understand reports. It allows website owners to do it themselves or provide their development team the audit report. We recently started using the keyword ranking functionality with our customers, and it works brilliantly well. Lastly, the support, incredibly responsive and helpful

Brian Derrick
Superfast and User-friendly navigation Internet Marketing Tool

The website audit feature of the Se Ranking tool is out of the box and blazing fast. And not only the speed but the graphics, animation, and design used in Website Auditor also looks very dashing. I just became a fan of Se Ranking Tool.

Rohit Dutt
Much better than expected!

The most useful feature may be the Website audit, I know there are enough sites that provide you with data which shows you errors, missing anchors, empty H1 and H2 tags etc. etc., but SE Ranking has it all in one checklist. So now you can ‘clean up’ your website on every little inch. Even the most deeply covered problems are unveiled. When completing the full checklist, you will have a good amount of knowledge of common errors on websites and you have a great foundation on your website to build your SEO on.

Bart Ziemerink
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